Types of Fluids:

Just like an oil change your Subaru has many other fluids that periodically need to be refilled or flushed depending on the situation. There's fluid for your windshield wipers, brakes, power steering and engine coolant all of which are crucial to keeping you vehicle running smoothly for years to come. We check your vehicles fluids every time you bring your Subaru in for service to ensure you're driving safely and efficiently. 

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Engine coolant, yellow cap, coolant flush


Windshield Washer Fluid:

You may have notice yellow caps under the hood of your vehicle these are the caps for all the fluid that allow your car to operate at peak performance. Windshield washer fluid is exactly what it sounds like it is the fluid that sprays to help you clean any dirt or debris from your windshield.


Power Steering Fluid:

Your power steering is reliant on the fluid level in its tank. If you find it difficult to turn your steering wheel or you hear screeching while turning you may need to schedule a service appointment. low power steering fluid will also increase heat and friction causing more substantial damage to your vehicle if not addressed early on.

Power steering fluid, yellow cap, power steering service
Brake Fluid, yellow cap, service


Brake Fluid:

Much like power steering fluid your brake fluid is an important part of your vehicles performance and your safety. When you have low brake fluid you'll notice it becomes harder to slow down and come to a complete stop this will cause increased wear on your brakes. To avoid damage and continue staying safe on the road you should always be aware of your brake fluid levels.

Engine Coolant:

Your coolant helps to pull heat away from your engine to prevent overheating and allows your vehicle to operate safely and efficiently. If you coolant is running low you'll notice your fuel efficiency will be effected and due to engine overheating your emissions will increase. Without coolant you risk engine damage so it is important to keep an eye on your coolant level.

Engine coolant, yellow cap, coolant flush
differential gear, diffrential oil, maintenance, service

Differential Fluid:

Differential gear service is often overlooked by vehicle owners while also being one of the most important components of your vehicle. Your differential gear relies on fluid to reduce friction and keep the gears working efficiently. If you hear a grinding or clanking noise while driving you may be low on differential fluid and should schedule service as soon as possible.