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Our certified service technicians work quickly and professionally to get your car back to peak performance. If you drive with low or old oil you risk permanent engine damage as well as lower performance and worse fuel economy. the best way to avoid costly repairs in the future is to schedule regular oil change services, and a professional oil change from the certified technicians here at Quirk works Subaru will help make sure your vehicle stays running like new.

Know when to schedule an oil change

Many newer vehicles come equipped with an Oil Monitoring System that will alert you when its time to service your vehicle. If your vehicle does not have an oil life monitoring system check the owners manual for the manufacturers recommended method for oil change services. When in doubt its good practice to change your oil after every 5,000 miles. driving with clean oil can increase your vehicles performance and better your fuel economy.


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Signs your Subaru needs service

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An oil leak could lead to larger issues

Oil stains or puddles under your vehicle could be a sign of an oil leak which is caused by worn out parts such as seals, gaskets or oil pan plugs. If oil leaks are ignored you risk greater damage and more expensive repair costs in the future if you spot oil stains under your vehicle its time to schedule a oil change with your certified service technician.




Low oil level can damage your engine

Low oil level causes friction that can lead to irreversible engine damage it can also lead to low oil pressure. low oil pressure can also contribute to engine damage as well as worse fuel efficiency and overall vehicle performance. If you see your oil pressure / oil level light come on, and stay on, its time to schedule a service appointment to avoid more costly repairs. 

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