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Open Subaru Recalls

As vehicles age manufacturers find parts that don’t meet their safety standards and/or expectations of long lasting durability. Sometimes this is a faulty air bag, an ignition switch or brake rotors – it can also be as simple as a software update. If you came to this page through an advertisement, chances are good there is a recall on your vehicle. Fill out the information below and we will let you know what, if anything your vehicle needs.

Don’t wait, safety is our number one concern – all recalls are covered so you and your family can drive safely. Even if you didn’t by from us we are still happy to have you here. Come to Quirk Works Subaru service for all your vehicle repairs, maintenance and recall needs.

Leave us a message below and one of our service reps will respond promptly!

Recall Notice

  • We need your VIN so we can look your vehicle up and identify any recalls associated with it.