Quirk Works Subaru Service Center

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Come to the Quirk Works Subaru service center in Braintree, MA and you will immediately understand why so many Subaru drivers and enthusiasts in Quincy/ Braintree & the greater Boston are trust us with their Subaru’s regularly scheduled maintenance, repairs, and services. We selectively choose all of the technicians that join our team of certified Subaru mechanics. Knowledge and a enthusiasm for the Subaru brand are two things all our technicians share.

Our facilities use the latest Subaru equipment and diagnostics tools. Every one of our technicians are Subaru Certified and trained on the most up to date Subaru technologies. We proudly and strictly use Genuine OEM Subaru Parts, which are engineered to fit your vehicle. And by performing routine vehicle maintenance you will prolong the life of your Subaru, optimize fuel economy, and potentially earn a higher resale value. In order for us to help you maintain your Subaru for trouble-free daily operation as well as driving pleasure for many years to come, you should familiarize yourself with the maintenance intervals and requirements.

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Subaru Oil Change


Keeping up with manufacturer recommended oil changes can increase longevity of your Subaru’s life. Regular oil changes ensure you’re maximizing your Subaru’s performance and efficiency, saving you money. See our discount service coupons to save at your local Quirk Works Subaru dealership in Braintree, MA.

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Subaru Brake Service


Regular brake maintenance is not only recommended for your personal safety and the safety of others but can save you from costly repairs down the road. Find out how to keep your Subaru’s brakes up to date and healthy. See our service coupons and save on your next service appointment at Quirk Works Subaru in Braintree, MA.

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Subaru tire services


Not just new tires, but the correct tires for the season is only part of proper tire maintenance. Your subaru needs tires to be balanced properly, proper wheel alignment, and tire tread depth to perform at the highest level. Find all the information you need on tire services, and make sure to check out our service coupons to save on your next visit to Quirk Works Subaru in Braintree, MA.

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Subaru Battery Service


Your Subaru’s battery is one of the key parts to proper operation. If the battery doesn’t work, your car will cease to function. That means it will not start, there will be no Radio/SiriusXM/Bluetooth, the A/C will not work, and so much more. Learn more about batteries and proper battery maintenance today. Also don’t forget to check our service coupons before you come into Quirk Works Subaru in Braintree, MA

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Subaru Fluid Exchange Services


To ensure your vehicle is running properly, you should regularly check all the essential fluids that your vehicle requires to operate. There are 6 different types of fluid that are essential for your vehicle. Each one has its own function and without the manufacturer recommended amount in your vehicle, the operation may cease to function properly. Find all the information you need on fluid exchange services, and make sure to check out our service coupons to save on your next visit to Quirk Works Subaru in Braintree, MA

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5 Reasons To Choose Quirk Works Subaru

  1. We have a state-of-the-art facility and our mechanics are all factory-trained technicians
  2. We offer all factory-recommended parts or you can choose to use aftermarket parts to help cut costs.
  3. We offer FREE Wi-Fi, and have access to rental vehicles.
  4. We accept all Subaru service coupons, our own service coupons, and we’ll honor any competitor’s coupon (when shown prior to service write-up).
  5. We have an on-site Technology Team made up of intelligent and passionate area High school students that can help you learn and better understand your vehicle’s advanced technology and features.