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Your wheels and tires are important parts of your vehicles performance and your safety. Without regularly scheduled maintenance you could encounter more severe and costly repairs. We pride ourselves on our high quality and convenient service our certified service technicians are always ready to help whether you need new brakes, a tire rotation or any other vehicle service. We know it can be difficult to know when to service your vehicle so we've created a list of common wheel and tire problems people often run into.

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Without regularly scheduled maintenance your Subarus small repairs could become expensive damages. Tires wear down naturally but can wear in uneven ways that can throw off your suspension or mess with your alignment. To avoid costly damage its important to inspect your tires and have them rotated at least every 6 months.

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Worn Out Tires?

Many factors can influence how your tires wear down and it is important to inspect them on your own at least once a month as to avoid damages and flat tires. You can easily measure the tread wear at home by placing a penny in the treads on your tires and using this diagram to determine whether or not your tires are safe to use.


Brake Problems?

Your brakes also wear down gradually over time which can cause damage to your wheels and make it harder to come to a complete stop. If your brakes make a high pitched squealing noise while slowing down, your vehicle shakes or turns while braking, or you find it takes longer to come to a stop it is a good time to get your brakes serviced. For the safety of yourself and your vehicle it is important to stay up to date with all scheduled maintenance.

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